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Evidence from industry stakeholders and trade publications suggests that the current supply of skills to the construction industry is unlikely to be sufficient to meet the projected increase in demand. If the labour requirements of construction projects are to be met, further work will need to be undertaken both to increase numbers within the construction trainee pipeline and to improve the quality and variety of the training provided to new and existing employees.

The aim of this project is to address technical and other types of skills gaps identified by construction industry stakeholders through the introduction of a co-designed and co-delivered online blended learning platform. The platform contains 20 accredited learning modules that have been identified as areas specifically in need of current or future development.

The content will be digitally accredited, with a view to seeking formal accreditation from recognised awarding bodies. Content will be co-developed by academic and industry experts from across the full spectrum of the construction industry. Content will then be ‘brought to life’ by Learn, Develop and Build before being hosted on a bespoke online platform that will be accessible anywhere, anytime and optimised for a range of desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

A key benefit of the programme will be improved competence for supervisors and managers, allowing them to gain new knowledge and/or refresh existing knowledge that may have been lost or forgotten. This, in turn, will lead to greater efficiency in the management of sites, create safer working environments for operatives and improve the standard of construction. Ultimately this will result in the elimination/reduction of post-handover defects.

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