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Over the last month we have produced a number of video case studies to complement our e-learning modules. We have filmed at some really interesting projects including a Resource Efficient House, multiple Passivhaus projects and the New Lanark World Heritage site. We have selected short clips from some of our favourite videos to share with you.


Stephen Goods is the Chief Executive of the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) and leads the Innovation Factory.  Building Innovation Modelling (BIM) is one of the key technologies supported by CSIC and we have asked him to talk about the challenges of BIM implementation.


During a visit to the Resource Efficient House in Ravenscraig, Allan Sandilands from Resource Futures gave us his expert opinion on circular construction and why it is important to adopt circular principles in the future


As part of our visit to the New Lanark Heritage Site we talked to David Willis from CLWG Architects. He shared his experience of working and planning conservation construction projects at the New Lanark Heritage site.


Euan Donaldson, Director of Clydeway Construction, tells us about the estimating and measuring during a construction project. He talks about different types of estimates and how they change throughout the lifecycle of a project.


We have talked to our Prof. Billy Hare, Professor in Construction Management and Glasgow Caledonian University and Deputy Director of the BEAM Research Centre about Health and Safety in the Construction Industry.


We have spoken to Geraldine Wooley about her experiences with Equality and Diversity in the Construction Industry. Geraldine highlights the benefits of a diverse workforce and talks about the changes that have happened in the construction industry over the last decades and looks ahead into the future.


A big thank you not only to the experts in the clips we shared here but to everyone who contributed! We especially thank all companies who’s staff was involved in the filming of the clips shown on this page:


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