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As part of the National Construction Skill and Innovation Summit, held at City of Glasgow College on the 30th April 2019, BCTG Construct has officially launched our blended learning platform.


Douglas Morrison presented an overview of our project and our ambitions in his presentation. Douglas talked about the research behind our project and highlighted key point from our Skill Gap publication before focusing on our platform and the learning materials developed for this project.


To highlights the look and feel of our platform we have recorded the start of our Smart Materials module. This was recorded using screen capture on an iPad and highlights our anywhere, anytime approach to learning.


Finally this animation– produced in partnership with our colleagues at City of Glasgow College – demonstrates our approach and the areas of impact the project will have within the construction industry. By moving away from a purely classroom-based “chalk and talk” teaching model to one that incorporates the many different ways of teaching and learning made possible by technology today, construction workers and supervisors can develop the skills they need to work safely and efficiently on modern sites.

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